"Over the past year the Green Bag has been responsible for supplying over 200 000 bags to our 450 offices throughout Australia on a regular basis. When researching potential companies to use I found Green Bag's products to be one of the highest quality on the market and the bags were compe...

Emily Hill, Marketing Executive, Raine & Horne Pty Limited







About the Green Bag

Product features

  • 100% recyclable and totally reusable
  • Packing and carrying capacity of 3 to 4 plastic bags, eliminating thousands of harmful bags over its lifespan
  • Attractive designs
  • Low cost
  • Designed by consumers for consumers


Product benefits

Using Green Bags, your business, large or small, can experience the following benefits:

  • Turn operational expense into cost recovery / profit
  • Positive advertising for the life of the bag (2 to 3 years), and public relations/promotional benefits in the community
  • Demonstrate your business' pro-active response to a social problem
  • Keep you apace with your competition
  • Assist your business in complying with legislation
  • Offer customers new product choice


Our most popular material is NWPP (non-woven polypropylene).
NWPP (non-woven polypropylene)

  • NWPP is strong yet light to the touch
  • NWPP contains no toxic materials and will not cause allergy to human skin
  • NWPP is water-repellent, resistant to bacteria and odors, hand-washable and the dyes used are both harmless and colourfast. Its physical properties will not be affected by chemicals or solvents
  • Polypropylene is not an entirely new material and is widely used in the production of surgical gowns, gloves and masks
  • NWPP is made from first generation materials with the base of the bag from recycled product. Both are 100% recyclable (recycle type #5) and, will last at least 2 to 3 years assisting our environment each time used
  • NWPP is from the Polypropylene (PP) class of plastics.


To find out more technical information, please click here to our technical datasheet on NWPP.

We will be offering a recycled material starting in Spring 2009. Please contact us to find out more information.