"Over the past year the Green Bag has been responsible for supplying over 200 000 bags to our 450 offices throughout Australia on a regular basis. When researching potential companies to use I found Green Bag's products to be one of the highest quality on the market and the bags were compe...

Emily Hill, Marketing Executive, Raine & Horne Pty Limited







Our materials

Our most popular material is NWPP (non-woven polypropylene).

  • NWPP (non-woven polypropylene)
  • NWPP is strong yet light to the touch
  • NWPP contains no toxic materials and will not cause allergy to human skin
  • NWPP is water-repellent, resistant to bacteria and odors, hand-washable and the dyes used are both harmless and colorfast. Its physical properties will not be affected by chemicals or solvents
  • Polypropylene is not an entirely new material and is widely used in the production of surgical gowns, gloves and masks
  • NWPP is made from first generation materials with the base of the bag from recycled product. Both are 100% recyclable (recycle type #5) and, will last at least 2 to 3 years assisting our environment each time used
  • NWPP is from the Polypropylene (PP) class of plastics.

To find out more technical information, please click here to view our technical datasheet on NWPP.

We will be offering recycled materials starting in Spring 2009. Please contact us to find out more information.